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Motherboard | Transmedia Shows are Winning the Internet

Awesome news for friends of DHCS, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries! 


Motherboard | Transmedia Shows are Winning the Internet

Awesome news for friends of DHCS, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries! 

Apr 19

The Culture of Netflix Binge Watching


The Culture of Netflix Binge Watching


I read a Vogue article on Binge Watching, soon after House of Cards: Season 2 came out and have been meaning to write about this topic for quite some time.

What is Binge Watching? How do we get used to watching shows this way and why is Netflix going this route? These are the questions I am looking to address with this narrative.

My Experience:

Until 12th Grade (Senior Year of High School), I…

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Getty Images redefines its content strategy to make digital work for them -


"the agency is not strong enough to control how the internet – and, with it, users’ online behaviour – has developed."…BINGO!

click on the above link or here for the full article.

This is an excellent example of how content owners need to adjust their strategy to leverage digital platforms to their benefit whilst providing digital consumers with the freedom they demand in their content consumption. NB: Getty Images is allowing free use of their 35m images only for non-commercial purposes, but this is likely the majority of current copyright infringement cases.

Why is this such a good move? (i) no more wasted time, effort, and cash in pursuing copyright infringement that results in ZERO in-pocket revenues, (ii) facilitated virus distribution of their IP, which ultimately translates into free marketing, and most importantly (iii) once Getty achieves mass distribution of its IP for non-commercial use, they simply need to turn on their advertising model and they will make heaps of cash from advertising fees - converting a zero revenue copyright problem into a new revenue stream.


Now if only the music industry would catch on…sorry, but services like Spotify are not the same thing!


Apr 18

Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing -



Traditional Marketing versus Digital Marketing

The level headed discussion proceeds concerning whether advanced showcasing is overwhelming and surpassing customary advertising or not. Numerous imagine that generally, computerized showcasing has assumed control and accepted stamping…

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Do you feel this way?  

Do you feel this way?  

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Apr 17

DHCS XVIII | Keynote Conversation | Matthew Modine Kickstarter ‘Full Metal Jacket’ Audio Diary -



We’re thrilled actor Matthew Modine will be joining us for DHCS to discuss his Kickstarter project, “Mathew Modine’s Full Metal Jacket Audio Diary” Audiobook! 

The Keynote will kick off the Crowdfunding Summit (Thursday, May 8, 9:00am). Click through to learn more and register for the conference. 

The award-winning Full Metal Jacket Diary limited edition book becomes an immersive audiobook experience performed by Matthew Modine with original music & sound effects.
His crowdfunding campaign is still going - make sure to check it out! 

Apr 16


Join us, wont you?! 
DHCS | May 7-8 |The Ritz Carlton | Marina Del Ray, CA

Join us, wont you?! 

DHCS | May 7-8 |The Ritz Carlton | Marina Del Ray, CA

Apr 15

‘Game of Thrones’: Joffrey wedding crowns new piracy record | EW.com -

Priceline CEO, Who Has A $1.8 Billion Online Ad Budget, Says Facebook And Twitter Are Useless -



Apr 14

If You Have A Mac, Memorize These 13 Keyboard Tricks Now -


Apr 13

“Can a hobby ever translate into a business?”
“The two are distinct. A hobby is an interest, or even a passion. And that can sometimes blind you. Your business should exist to help fund a great life for you (and your family), including professional fulfillment and financial peace of mind. But often people who turn their hobbies or causes into a business overly sacrifice. For example, they don’t charge enough for their service because they love what they do so much. In those cases, they end up giving so much to the business, but the business doesn’t give enough back to survive.” —

Fast Company, on the Startup

Every month, some 543,000 new businesses are launched—but the hard truth is that only seven out of 10 survive the crucial first two years to stay in the game.

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