Muppet Movie 1979 camera test: The banter is so hilariously improvised. (by Brian Powell)
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Join us, wont you?! 
DHCS | May 7-8 |The Ritz Carlton | Marina Del Ray, CA

Join us, wont you?! 

DHCS | May 7-8 |The Ritz Carlton | Marina Del Ray, CA



Can a hobby ever translate into a business?”
“The two are distinct. A hobby is an interest, or even a passion. And that can sometimes blind you. Your business should exist to help fund a great life for you (and your family), including professional fulfillment and financial peace of mind. But often people who turn their hobbies or causes into a business overly sacrifice. For example, they don’t charge enough for their service because they love what they do so much. In those cases, they end up giving so much to the business, but the business doesn’t give enough back to survive.

Fast Company, on the Startup

Every month, some 543,000 new businesses are launched—but the hard truth is that only seven out of 10 survive the crucial first two years to stay in the game.

What do you think about the trailer for Zach Braff’s crowdfunded project, Wish I Was Here? 

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CollegeHumor is nominated for 5 Webby Awards. One of them is for Best Humor Website.

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Congrats to Digital Hollywood speaker Allen Lau & wattpad for raising $46 Mil in their Series C round of funding!

Check out friend of DHCS and moderator extraordinaire, Amber J. Lawson discussing the ever-changing nature of online video trends.

Brands need to behave more like TV networks; Create a process for piloting quality content. @DigitalHollywood2014
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